Welcome New Readers!

Montessori BedThanks for visiting our site! Below are links to help you quickly get up to speed on our conversation. Enjoy!

Growing the Local Economy

1)  What Economics Can Learn From the World of Sports

2) Small Town Decline: 1920s & the Rise of Chain Stores

3) 1940s America – The Start of Small Town Decline

4) Store Brands to Cover Bands: The Lost Art of Local Imitation

5) An Economic Case for Local Currency


1) A Place for the Child Explorer

2) A Place Worth Coming Home To

3) The Economic Cost of a Car-Dependent Culture

4) A Place for the Bicycle

Building Community

1) What Makes a Community?


4 thoughts on “Welcome New Readers!

  1. Justin – would you be willing to list my book “Good Morning, Beautiful Business” under your recommended reading? Also, do you know about BALLE, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies? You may want to list them under organizations. http://www.bealocalist.org. And you may want to attend our annual conference in June in Phoenix. You will find lots to write about.
    Keep up the good work. Judy


    • Judy – I’ll need to read your book before putting it up, but it’s on my short list and I’m looking forward to it. Would love to attend the conference but unfortunately it’s not in the family budget this year. Will follow it online and am looking forward to writing about it.

      You keep up the good work too!


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