Shifting the Focus: Blogging from a Catholic Perspective

Paula's Pentecost Dessert

My wonderful wife specializes in desserts to celebrate Catholic feasts. Here – a birthday cake with fruit rollup flames to celebrate Pentecost.

Admittedly, it has been a while since I last contributed to this blog.  I could use the convenient excuse that I’ve struggled to find the time. After all, that’s true, but it is more than that. The bigger struggle has been rediscovering the purpose of this blog – a purpose that fuels, motivates, and inspires the writing. Perhaps some explanation is needed. 

When I began this blog about 6 years ago, I had a variety of motivations. First, I wanted to explore topics related to local economics and urban planning that often swirled in my head but did not have a platform through which to be communicated. By writing in the form of a blog, I hoped to learn, gain expertise, and contribute my perspective and passion in new and exciting areas and meet like-minded people in the process. Additionally, at the time of starting the blog I was also a first-time dad who found myself at home quite a bit more than I was expecting heading into fatherhood.  The blog served as an answer to the question of how to connect with the world while still being present at home where I am needed.

In this way, the blog has been a great success! I was finally getting ideas out of my head and out into the world. I was able to connect with the great work of organizations like Foodshed Investors, American Independent Business Association, Strong Towns, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, and the Schumacher Center.  I was able to explore my passions and interests and built some great relationships along the way.  Today, the same motivations are there – a desire to connect and interact with the world while still being present at home, and to dive into the questions that matter most. 

Yet something has been missing.  Deep down, there has been this nagging feeling that I needed to bring more of my Catholicism to this blog. Yet, I was afraid. Afraid of being pigeonholed and dismissed in public and professional discourse. Afraid of not being able to talk about things that matter to people of all faiths. Afraid of potential professional discrimination. 

Today is Pentecost Sunday, and just as the apostles felt inspired and emboldened to go out into the world and preach the gospel, something inside me is telling me not to be afraid anymore.  It is time to continue exploring these same passions of urban planning and local economics but to do so from an unapologetically Catholic perspective.  It is time to bring the Catholic faith with its wisdoms and insights gleaned around the world over the millennia, the doctrines and encyclicals, the mystics and the saints , the philosophers and the theologians, the evangelists and the social justice advocates to the discussion of what type of economics and built environment will lead all human beings to flourish. With the problems the world is facing today, now is not the time to hold back these treasures of the Church and what a better relationship with the Holy Trinity and our Blessed Mother has to offer.  

I am excited by this next chapter of this blog – and hope you will continue to join me in this dialogue!  

Holy Spirit Come, Come Through Mary!


2 thoughts on “Shifting the Focus: Blogging from a Catholic Perspective

  1. I’m listening. Glad to hear you’re back at it. I have enjoyed many of your posts in the past. Will be interesting to see the topics of urban Dolan king and economics through a Catholic lens. I am a Protestant myself and my faith has shaped my views of planning, there’s no doubt.


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